falling back in love with reading

Image: Pixabay

With every passing year, I make the resolution to read more. Which sounds ridiculous if you knew what I was like ten years ago. I was one of those children who used to stay up at night with a book under the covers and a torch. Not even sunny days could drag me away from the comfort of printed pages.

I used to read until my eyes got sore and my joints got stiff from holding the heavy weight of thousands of words.

Every year since I started university (three now) I have made the resolution that I really must read more. Which is ironic as I study history and my days revolve around reading. But reading for pleasure has been out of the question since 2016.

Reading for pleasure can often feel like a selfish indulgence – especially with fiction books. Often, they’re not really adding much to your life (or you intelligence) and feel as if they are a sinful indulgence. That’s what my relationship to them has been recently anyway. After failing last year’s Goodreads reading challenge I set for myself, and the one before that I really want to start enjoying reading again.

Because reading should not be categorized as a form of guilty self indulgence, even when our busy lives are jam packed – who can’t spare ten minutes a day? Reading is so important for the mind and maintaining a mentality of freedom and imagination.

So for this month (during my revision for exams!) – I have challenged myself to read more fiction. I am on book number 2 so far. A follow up ‘books I have read this month’ will be on the horizon soon.


as we implode

we’re a whole season apart

missed sunsets and falling leaves.

next time the trees will be stark

and autumn’s mark


into the dark.

I can see fireworks through my little window

big, bright bold

sparks of colour unfold

into the night

Watch as they erupt,

Booming, all consuming.

We are the sky you and I

We illume

Catch us, go on

Try as we subsume.

the season takes hold.

make room,

as the sky unfolds

I am reminded of the line between us

unrelenting; never growing old.

because between us we are missing a whole season

it took you and left me

and us,

to dust.

Autumn distance

it’s raining leaves

and the leaves

are steady like my tears




they crash to the ground

inflaming my fears.

Their gold edge inflames my heart

it pounds for you and aches for your dark parts.

I want to see you bloom.

gold is so often the colour of joy  

but in autumn

it is void.

hills divide us

but the shining, steady light inflames my lust

oh; you are a must

getting me through the faded, autumn dusk

cutting through the cusp

looming endless storming clouds

they fall


the resurgence of you

in bloom.

autumn returns

and your iridescent light; 

shines forever bright.